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A Melancholy Kiss
Bittersweet Longings...
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13th-Mar-2007 12:44 pm - As You Wish
Smallville, Clark/Lex, ermm, I was supposed to be using a picture. The picture somewhat inspired, but really doesn't get used. Gomen nasai. *hangs head*

Summary: Lex reads Clark's e-mails to Lana and Chloe.

As You WishCollapse )
25th-Feb-2007 01:52 am - (s)AINT
Fic: (s)AINT
Summary: Nick sees Greg in a music video.
Length: 1,335 words
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Rating: Soft 'R' more for language than anything else.

A/N: First time in this fandom. UnBeta'd. I saw the music video and, well, couldn't decide if it was hot or not, but damn Eric Szmanda and Marilyn Manson are hot together. And I don't usually listen to Manson.

(s)AINTCollapse )
12th-Nov-2006 12:27 pm - Title Suggestions?

THE FIRE BURNED hot and consuming in the dank black night. The
lure of its heat, and flickering dance had beckoned, and soon you were standing
outside the house, a can of kerosene in one hand, a book of matches in the
other. There was no recollection of how you had obtained the items and no will
to recall when instead you could watch the macabre dance of fire on wood.

 Plumes of black smoke flooded the air, strangling out the
last breaths of life from the family within the house. When the last breath of
life had faded, you were surprised to notice how quiet it became. The family
inside had obviously been screaming for some time now while you stood outside
lost in your own mind.

 The orange and red of the fire danced in the air, growing
impossibly taller until the wailing sounds of sirens cried out, and the bright
colours of the fire was muted in the dull roar of water. The last vestiges of
the fire flickered, striving to seek life to burn but was unable to and finally
died out. Silence hung heavily in your ears, no longer was the crackle and
popping of the fire distancing you from what had happened, and your stomach
began heaving in revulsion.

 At last you turned, weaving through the trees as you sought
refuge from the investigation that was sure to come, as it had come the last
time, and the time before that. The problem was that the previous times there
had been no one home when you had come to yourself, but this time… the scent of
burning flesh pursued you, and you tumbled to your knees retching in the woods.
It didn’t take long before you could smell the rich warmth, and hear the
crackle and pop of a campfire. A part of you seemed to disconnect as you
pitched through the forest, without thought to the damage you were doing to your
slim body as you wound between trees, branches scraping you and thorns
pricking, drawing blood that trudged slowly over spectral skin.

 Eventually, you tumbled into a clearing and paused on your
knees in front of the campfire that had drawn you ever closer. Your hands
stretched out to caress the flickering flames, and you moaned softly at the
gentle caress, the lick of pain. A soft gasp of horror brought you out of your reverie,
and you looked up into the terrified face of a young child. The voice brought
to mind the screams from earlier, and stomach heaving once more you stumbled to
your feet and ran. You ran from the memories, from the scent, from the tears
that threatened to fall, from the dampness on your cheek that reminded you of
the water that had put out the fire.

 Just as the water had put the fire to rest, the tears that
spilled down your cheeks stopped you from running, and you allowed yourself to
curl up in a small ball, sobbing deliriously. It was here that the police found
you, covered in soot and ashes, and pleading that you had never intended to
hurt anyone. However, the fact is that you did hurt someone: you caused over
three quarters of a million dollars in property damage in the homes you set
fire to. Moreover, you caused the death of Mr. and Mrs. Cabrera, as well as
their three-year-old son, Jonathon, and two-week-old Sabrina. You are facing
charges of arson, as well as first-degree murder charges. How do you plead?

 “Not guilty.”

11th-Nov-2006 12:53 am - Drabble: Clex
Baaaaad Smallville Clark/Lex fic in the hopes of making someone smile. In my defense, it let me stop doing schoolwork for a while, while still feeling productive. Yay me!


It was obvious that, somehow, Lex was a magnet for meteor
mutants. It seemed that he got knocked out, and around, more time than anyone
could manage to keep count. So it came as no surprise when he was bowled over
by a jumbo shrimp. Yes, a shrimp. Needless to say, if Lex hadn't lost consciousness
immediately he would have been laughing at the sheer oxymoronity of the
entire situation. However, he was knocked out and when the shrimp landed on him
he stopped breathing, lungs collapsing under the weight.

When he came to it was to the warm press of lips upon his, and Lex kept his
eyes closed, some vague memory surfacing at the touch of lips upon his. It
was... Clark? His hand reached up to run
through silky black hair, and he sighed into the mouth against his, lips
parting and tongue darting out to tease at Clarks.
It was awkward, and shy. Then Clark's mouth
opened and tongue met tongue and the kiss shifted from awkward to hot, and the
two boys became lost in the sensation of each other.

And that was how the jumbo shrimp escaped to live another day.

23rd-Oct-2006 01:06 am - Excercise in Character and Audience
Broken Thoughts

You’ve made me tired of my life,
Tearing my principles down to nothing—
Pretending at perfection yourself
(Can you be perfect with all those drugs?).

My life lay exposed as you ripped me apart
Left me crying in the night—
Your opinion always mattered
And probably always will.

These flowers under snow
Are lost inside my random thoughts
As I sit smiling quietly,
Beaten and abraised.
I can’t stop remembering your easy laughter.

My life is organized and pre-ordained
Yet I’m afraid to face tomorrow,
Knowing what you think of me,
And how I’ve lived my life—
Knowing I did right in keeping Her.

I find my freedom behind golden bars
Devoid of promise,
Hidden behind illusion of uncaring.
Can’t let you know how I hurt, even now.

My questions are left unspoken
I keep them locked inside my head—
Keeping company with the Beatles
And the hours of video games you’d play.

I'm so lonely without my best friend
But it’s okay;
Like water in that ratty tin cup
It's only make believe.

Our dreams are rainbows out of leaves
Existing only to hope
But blurred by all my tears—
The plans we made left on the side of this road.

Surrounded by solid and unyielding truths
Filling these Canyons of Pain;
Is anything worth losing your best friend?

And the furniture of our souls
(Mine this normal sort of cream,
Your’s this strange myriad of colours,
They clash but are just so you
I can’t stop looking, and remembering.)
Lay on the shore of a dark lake.

All together, all alone,
Not saving time for me—
You’re in love, and I’m happy for you.

I won't modify my life
On pain of broken bonds
Almost, not quite, pure.

My hands tremble wrenchingly
As I write this poem to you.

I miss you.
9th-Sep-2006 01:23 pm - Fic: Bathroom Smut
I'm horrible at writing smut. Deal with it. In any event...

Fandom: Harry Potter
Ship: Harry/Draco (Do I ever go with anything else? *rolls eyes*)
Summary: krissielee wanted decorative soaps and chocolate. I dunno, they're technically there... but really, this is total PWP.
Rating: NC17. Smut under hereCollapse )
28th-Aug-2006 03:06 am - Moving Day Mishap

Disclaimer: The boys belong to the lovely J. K. Rowling.

Moving Day Mishap

Read hereCollapse )
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