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A Melancholy Kiss
Bittersweet Longings...
Drabble: Clex 
11th-Nov-2006 12:53 am
Baaaaad Smallville Clark/Lex fic in the hopes of making someone smile. In my defense, it let me stop doing schoolwork for a while, while still feeling productive. Yay me!


It was obvious that, somehow, Lex was a magnet for meteor
mutants. It seemed that he got knocked out, and around, more time than anyone
could manage to keep count. So it came as no surprise when he was bowled over
by a jumbo shrimp. Yes, a shrimp. Needless to say, if Lex hadn't lost consciousness
immediately he would have been laughing at the sheer oxymoronity of the
entire situation. However, he was knocked out and when the shrimp landed on him
he stopped breathing, lungs collapsing under the weight.

When he came to it was to the warm press of lips upon his, and Lex kept his
eyes closed, some vague memory surfacing at the touch of lips upon his. It
was... Clark? His hand reached up to run
through silky black hair, and he sighed into the mouth against his, lips
parting and tongue darting out to tease at Clarks.
It was awkward, and shy. Then Clark's mouth
opened and tongue met tongue and the kiss shifted from awkward to hot, and the
two boys became lost in the sensation of each other.

And that was how the jumbo shrimp escaped to live another day.

12th-Jan-2007 01:08 am (UTC)
lol, I love the last line. I adore Lex and Clark stories, drabbles, pics, ect... so this definitely made me :).
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