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A Melancholy Kiss

Bittersweet Longings...

Melancholy Writings
14 February 1983
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I'm a 23 year old mother of two. Most of my writing in the past has been original pieces, however lately with all my fanfiction reading I've had to deal with far too many (plot) bunnies in the fanfiction realm of things. Since I'm horrifyingly picky with what I read I'm even more picky with what I write, so I'm bound to be posting utter crap (in my opinion) because if I don't it'll never get posted. Constructive criticism is always, always, always welcome. Reviews are like digital crack, and are a reason for me to continue writing. Of course at this point my sister is bound to slaughter me if I don't continue to write. *looks over shoulder worriedly* Someone, please, call for help. She's a slave driver!

I'm of the opinion that a story should answer the questions posed by the readers, by the time I'm done reading something I want the questions to be answered. Therefore, feel free to ask questions in review, or comments, or e-mail, but do not feel insulted if I don't answer you. Either the answer was there, and is buried in layers, or the answer is yet to come in further chapters/sequals. Also, as a constant fanfiction reader, I hate to scroll through pages (on my iPaq at least) of thanks to the reviewers. I love all reviews, and am eternally grateful for them! I will dedicate a chapter to my 25th, 50th, 100th, 250th, 500th, 1000th etc reviewer of each story. Again, thank you, all of you, who have taken the time to not only read but to review.